Proficiency Testing Schemes 2024

Customize your participation in the Interlaboratory Proficiency Testing Schemes, choosing the parameters in the marix of you interst and the period in which you want to participate. Only pay for parameters you need!


Round September 2024 (Registration Deadline: 06/09/2024)

Despatch Samples: 23/09/2024 Reporting Deadline: 18/10/2024 Final Report: 05/11/2024

Round October 2024 (Registration Deadline: 27/09/2024)

Despatch Samples: 14/10/2024 Reporting Deadline: 08/11/2024 Final Report: 25/11/2024

Round November 2024 (Registration Deadline: 18/10/2024)

Despatch Samples: 04/11/2024 Reporting Deadline: 29/11/2024 Final Report: 16/12/2024